Hey, it's MamaLuigi22, and this is my first review of an SML video! Since it's the first review, I've decided to do it on the very first SML video. The pilot, Super Mario Got Milk.

The Review:

Well since not much actually happens in this episode, I'll just get right down to the point. It starts with Mario, who runs to the fridge, drinks milk, and grows. That's it. The quality of the video isn't very good, there isn't much plot or humor, and there is very bad camera angles and views,

Final Score:

This episode gets a 2/10, and that's being generous to be frank.

Final Comments:

Since this was his first ever video, he didn't have much of a crew, and he was very young, it can be excused for its lack of quality. But if another episode Like this comes out, it would be very bad.